Gale International is grounded in a tradition of focusing on what happens after we’re done –on how people will live in, use and thrive in the buildings and communities we create.

Our roots trace to 1922, when Stan Gale’s grandfather –an insurance salesman by trade –noticed that his fellow commuters on the Long Island Rail Road were seeking a better quality of life in the suburbs. He believed he could make a difference, and was inspired to move into real estate.

Today, our team follows his example of developing responsibly, delivering quality, and staying curious.


Daniel Gale establishes the Daniel Gale Agency, selling insurance and real estate.


Daniel Gale successfully develops and markets Knollwood Beach with investment partners Theodore Hall and Francis Ruland. 10-year old Kent Gale frequented the site so often that Theodore suggested naming a street after the boy.


Daniel Gale Agency develops the whale logo and experiences solid growth under Kent Gale.


Stan Gale gets his BA in Economics and MBA at Rollins College. Aspiring to become a professional soccer player, Stan plays All American Division II NCAA at Rollins. However, an injury steers him towards real estate.


Stan works at the Daniel Gale Agency as manager of the Huntington office.


Interested in working outside of the family business, Stan moves to the west coast to join Grub & Ellis, working his way from the bottom to become the #1 broker in the office.


Stan moves back to the east coast to become President of Sammis Northeast.


The Gale Company acquires Northeast operating company from Sammis.


The Gale Company develops, manages, and leases over 23 million sq ft of institutionally owned real estate.


The Gale Company partners with JPIM and Morgan Stanley Real Estate Funds (MSREF) to develop over $1 billion in commercial real estate.


One Lincoln Street in Boston commences. The $350 million project sells one year later for $705 million, making it the most valuable commercial real estate deal in the history of Boston at the time.


The Korean government offers Gale International the opportunity to develop Songdo IBD.


After four years of master planning work, Songdo IBD breaks ground.


Gale International master plans a second city, Meixi Lake in Hunan Province, China.


Songdo is selected as the host city of the UN Green Climate Fund Secretariat.


Gale International begins its first Manhattan development with 21W20, a collection of ultra luxury homes in the Flatiron District.


Songdo's Jack Nicklaus Golf Club Korea hosts the 2015 Presidents Cup.