Jan 19 2016

Aspire Metro Magazine: 21W20

Mann has created a neutral palette, allowing for a detailed, personal experience when homeowners begin to furnish and decorate their urban homes.

Saturday morning can be routine for residents on 20th Street in Manhattan. For those who want first dibs on the fresh farm produce at Union Square Greenmarket, it’s a must to rise early. By midday, the boutique and designer stores along 5th Avenue are open for business, a symbol of a city known for its chic elegance. Throughout the afternoon, residents (Soul)Cycle in and out of various fitness centers, yoga studios and spas. Evening brings culture and entertainment – a show at the American Ballet Theater or a private event at the National Arts Club – and finally, without even leaving the neighborhood, residents can enjoy the nightlife, perhaps dinner and drinks at Eleven Madison Park?

Coming home to a penthouse like those atop 21W20 is the perfect ending to such a day.