Nov 27 2015

Global Green Building

South Korea has developed one of the greenest cities on the planet.

What if you could design a city center with New York’s Central Park and with the canals of Venice or Amsterdam or San Antonio? Or with the high-end shopping of Fifth Avenue and the giant boulevards of Paris? And buildings on the water as iconic as the Sydney Opera House?

There also would be few cars to congest the streets—and the boulevards would be open to pedestrians—because the cars would be parked underground. And there would be no garbage trucks to wake you with racket only to clog the streets the rest of the day, because the waste disposal system would be handled pneumatically in an underground system of pipes.

This city would also be one of the greenest cities on the planet, about 40 percent green, and in fact, it already exists: It’s Songdo International Business District (IBD), South Korea, located about 20 miles from Seoul and about 20 miles from the border of North Korea as the crow flies—and also a 20-minute drive from Incheon International Airport, one of the busiest airports in the world.